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"Take Your Power Back.

Your Life Belongs to You."


Arno Nistal   &   Ilanit Rani

"Welcome to the Site of Breathing in Ecstasy.

We are happy you found us."


Unconditional Love, Compassion and Total Acceptance are the energies from which we work.


With friendly loving attention to who you really are, you are invited to be yourself and to blossom.


Our therapeutic techniques, Breathwork, Meditations, Yoga, Qigong and Sound Baths are deeply healing, transformative and empowering.


Qualities that you can develop with us:



Loving yourself

Total Relaxation

Freedom to be yourself

Charge & discharge energy

Soothing, Letting Go, Surrender

"Breathe and Live.
You are free!"

Passion & Mission


In 2014 Nistal changed his company name and he named it 'Adem en Extase' which means 'Breathing in Ecstasy'. He also made a website of the same name, to further his work and mission in the world.


2020 was a special year: Nistal and Ilanit met, fell in love and started working together. That is why it was time to renew the website and also give Ilanit a nice place on this platform.

Arno Nistal has 30 years of experience in breathwork, personal growth, meditation and yoga. He has met various masters, shamans and teachers. Osho has been his Guru since 1991. Ilanit grew up as a child in several Osho communes. Spirituality and meditation were omnipresent.

Nistal: "The name Osho gave me is 'Prem Nistal' and means Infinitely Loving."

Ilanit: "The name Osho gave me is 'Prem Rani' and means Princess of Love."


"A spiritual name is like a flower that slowly starts blossoming, the meaning awakens something in you and you know that you have your name as a quality in you. It is also a kind of 'reminder' to live that quality in your daily life. We have not only the same guru, but also the same passions and mission in life."


Nistal's greatest passions are Breathwork, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation.

Ilanit's greatest passions are working with Singing Bowls, Yoga and Meditation.  

What is Breathwork and Bodywork?

Charging and Discharging

We work on charging and discharging your energy. This leads to breaking blockages in your physical, energetic, emotional and mental body. You learn to let go, whatever it is. The stagnant and frozen life energy is activated and liberated. This leads to vitality and deep relaxation.


Open your breath, open your heart

Opening your heart and your breath. You restore your self-acceptance. This leads to a restoration of contact with your body, feelings and emotions. Total relaxation.


core beliefs

Exploring Core Beliefs and Personal Laws. This leads to self-understanding and the proactive use of your thinking and the creation of your reality.

Belly awareness

The abdomen can be too hard, or too fat and soft. Through exercises we restore contact with your physical and energetic Core. In your stomach lie the deeper "gut" feelings and intuitions.


You move beyond thinking, you learn to be yourself, you learn to just be, instead of doing all the time... In the meditative state you are reconnected to Existence.

ademende vrouw 3.jpg

Themes that everyone has to deal with in their lives and that we sometimes get stuck in are:

Chakra 1: Self-preservation. Grounding and security as well as the right to exist.

Goal: Stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity, security and confidence.

Chakra 2: Self-satisfaction. The right to feel and emotional health and sexuality.

Goal: Restore and recognize feelings, healthy sexuality and emotionality.

Chakra 3: Self-determination. Autonomy and authenticity.

Goal: Vitality, willpower, self-esteem, purposeful action.

Chakra 4: Self-acceptance. Love, connection and intimacy.

Goal: Balanced in doing and being, compassion, healthy relationships.

Chakra 5: Self-expression.

Goal: Clear communication, expressing your creativity.


Chakra 6: Self-examination, Self-reflection, Introspection.

Purpose: Clear vision and imagination. Light work and shadow work.

Chakra 7: Self-knowledge.

Goal: Wisdom, knowledge, spiritual experience and connection with existence. Being part of a greater whole.

Adem en Extase, Arno begeleidt groep in ademworkshop.

Our qualities:

Rebirthing, Pranayama
Breath and Sound Baths

Sound baths
Singing Bowls, Gongs, Mantra, Harmonium, Shrutibox,  Flutes


Vinyasa, Hatha, Core Flow, Hatha  core,
Yin & Yang, Hatha  flow

Chi Neng Qigong

Osho Active Meditations,  Silent Meditation (Zen), Social Meditations of Veeresh

Adem & Extase, ademworkshop in Enschede.

"Our mission is to guide people in spiritual growth processes. We support you in:


- restoring your self-healing ability

- releasing stress and tension

- total relaxation

- standing in your own power

- making your dreams come true

- loving yourself unconditionally

- being yourself

"You are beautiful, just the way you are."


We create insight, inspiration, harmony and balance. Deep healings take place on a mental, emotional, physical  and energetic level.


We started working together and are offering workshops and retreats:

Breath workshops that Arno has been offering for more than 20 years, in various Yoga studios in the Netherlands, including at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam and The Hague:

The Healing Power of Breath & Sound

The Pranayama Journey

A whole new series of Osho inspired workshops has now been added that we are offering throughout the Netherlands. Nistal: "There is now literally more music in it! By that I mean that in the workshops we now often use mantra singing, singing bowls, the shruti box and flutes.."

From 2021 on we will be offering retreats in Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands.


"We are happy to share our love, experience and qualities with you and look forward to meeting you."

Our offer

We offer a variety of services and hope there is something that will get you excited.

We come to yoga schools as well as meditation centers.

In addition, there is a complete Online offer, both for 101 private sessions and for groups.

If you are not sure what suits you, give us a call.

Then we will look together to see if and where your wishes and our offer can match.


Strand yoga


Adem en Extase, persoonlijke aandacht tijdens een ademworkshop.

Breathing sessions

The greatest gift to yourself!

Breathwork/Rebirthing is the most healing and most deeply transformative technique I have encountered in 30 years. It will permanently positively transform you and your life because your breathing patterns are connected to all your patterns. The breath permeates all your bodies: your mental, physical, emotional and energetic body.


The breath creates harmony, clarity and balance in and between all those aspects of yourself.   


Change your breath and everything in you changes!


Adem en Extase, Arno begeleidt groep in Ademworkshop.

group lessons

We teach weekly group lessons in  Breath, Meditation and Relaxation, Yoga and Qigong in the Netherlands, in the Amsterdam area and Online!


Every month we give several workshops in various places in the Netherlands and now also Online. Click below for the content of the workshops.

Want it at your location?

Also  you can contact us to give a workshop at your center or studio. Please send us an email.

Image by Eneko Uruñuela

The Healing Power of Breathing Sessions 

The breath reaches into and nourishes your physical, energetic, mental and emotional body

and brings balance and harmony  in and between all those parts of you.



Discover your life purpose, Loving yourself, More energy and vitality, Deep relaxation  (mental and physical), Insight into cohesive thinking, feeling, emotions and behavior, A feeling of coming home to Earth, More concentration and focus, A clear and calm mind, A relaxed body, Being more positive in life, General feeling of well-being and abundance, Opens you  heart, you experience more joy, Detox: improves your health.


Burnout, Depression, Anxiety and panic, Shortness of breath, Hyperventilation, Headaches and Migraine, Digestive problems, Respiratory problems, Skin problems, (eg Eczema), ADHD, Performance anxiety, Low Self-esteem, Exam anxiety, Pointlessness, Aimlessness, Stress and Busyness in your Head , Sleep Problems (insomnia), etc.

Happy Stories

Here you will find 'testimonials'
from satisfied participants/customers.

Inez Pocorni, Pedagogical Assistant, has made a nice testimonial and description of  what breathing sessions can do for you.

I got to know Arno (Nistal) at the yoga school where I can be found regularly.

I find his yoga classes inspiring and his passion for yoga and people can be clearly seen and felt.


During one of his lessons he gave us a taste of a breathing session.

This made a great impression on me, a lot was released and that made me decide to follow breathing therapy with him in order to work on my personal and spiritual development.

At the start of the sessions my goals were to 'get out of my head' and be more in touch with myself and my body (feeling). To come more in the 'here and now' and to become calmer in my energy.

I've had a few sessions now and a lot has happened since day one.

I have been able to let go of unprocessed traumas, emotions from the past and I experience much more peace and confidence.

I am more in touch with my emotional life, so that I experience more emotional balance.


During the sessions a lot is released such as resistance or sometimes I am overwhelmed by emotions. Because of the way Nistal guides the sessions, I feel safe and because of this I can let go of what comes up, being present without any shame.

For me, the safety that I experience during the breathing sessions has to do with Nistal as a person, he is authentic, open, reliable, compassionate and can genuinely connect from his heart.

Which was a very important reason for me to embark on this journey.

Yoga docenten team Enschede.

The Testimonial and description of a session below is anonymous, but straight from the heart!

I have done a number of breathing sessions with you now, and each time they are an experience. I came to you because I felt that I still had tension in my body after the divorce.

After talking sessions with another therapist (who had also helped me), I was eager to do some physical work.

I chose your sessions because breathing is so basic and therefore so important.

You work open-minded and intuitively. There is no fixed plan, every time you discuss with me at the start of the session about what is needed. I decide for myself what I want to work on, but you always give good direction. As a result, the sessions have been very different each time. You have so many techniques that you can apply. Every time you work with a lot of respect and dedication.

To make it more concrete, here's one of my experiences:
We first discuss the purpose of the session. I tell you that I want to feel more freedom, that I am noticing having limiting thoughts. That I'm not good enough e.g.. Then I lie down on a mattress. You sit so that you can see my breathing clearly. I start with “just breathe a little fuller and deeper”, but I already find it difficult to know how to just breathe and do my best to breathe a little deeper. Especially from my stomach. You give me directions on how to make my breath longer and thus fuller and ask me to try to breathe in a circular way (without pauses
in between). I focus completely on my breathing.


Meanwhile, you start talking about my goal to feel more freedom. While I do breathe very consciously, I also enter a different kind of mindset. I am no longer aware of time, I feel more and more parts of my body start to tingle and meanwhile you continue to talk calmly. Every now and then giving a direction or modification about my breathing and as soon as my breath minimises or stops for a while you notice it right away.


Sometimes the pain I feel makes me emotional, because I don't feel good enough, even though I know I am. All the feelings seem to be getting stronger and are all allowed to be present and felt. I am far away, in some kind of trance, and yet I am fully conscious, a very intense experience. I tell them that I feel like a butterfly that has come out of its cocoon, but is not yet flying. We talk and associate with words related to freedom. I speak in short sentences and focus on my breathing, which is becoming easier and calmer. When you turn on the song 'Butterfly Woman' towards the end of the session, tears stream down my cheeks. I am deepley touched and it feels like the most beautiful song I've ever heard.


I feel the energy flowing in my whole body and I feel fantastic. When I get home I put 'Butterfly Woman' in my playlist, but it won't sound as nice as during the session. The intensity of my feelings during such a session is really intense.


But the best comes in the days and weeks that follow. I'm going to feel a bit more free, I care less about what others think, I dare to say more what I want. Always a step in the right direction, sometimes a small step back, but irreversibly in the right direction. Thank you!

Contact us personally

Breathing in Ecstasy
Lekpoort 14
2152 HS, Nieuw-Vennep
M: +31653817402

Arno's ademboek: "De Bevrijding!"

Nistal's book:
Adem en Extase - De Bevrijding!
349 pages
29 exercises for your liberation.

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