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Arno Nistal ten Veen. Ademtherapeut, Rebirther, Ademcoach.

Arno Nistal ten Veen

Breathing Therapist/Breathing Coach (Rebirthing), Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide,

Qigong Instructor, Mindfulness

I started with meditation and self-healing when I was 16 years old. At teh age of 23, I definitely chose the life path of personal growth, spirituality and consciousness.


Osho has been my spiritual teacher since 1991. From Osho I learned that Freedom and Responsibility, Love and Meditation go together.  Enjoying your life is possible if you are willing to take full responsibility for your choices, creations, thoughts, dreams and relationships.  “Life is a wonderful Adventure!” At that time I followed a  training to become a Rebirther/Breathing Therapist. It was working deeply on myself, highlighting the shadow sides in myself, letting go of old stuck emotions, forgiving, etc. I am still grateful that breathwork has crossed my path. It is my greatest passion.  


In 2004 I dived into shamanism: the Sweat lodge ceremony, Vision Quest, and reconnected with (Mother) Earth, Fire, Water and Air.


For the work with mushrooms and the magical drink Ayahuasca I went to the shamans in the Amazon forest and the Andes. Here I learned to open my heart and to surrender to that which is..


I have done the following Trainings and Education:  


Breathing therapy

Rebirthing breathing therapy (2 years)

Neo-Reichian Therapy and Energetic Integration  (2 years)

Tantra, Relationships, Intimacy and Sexuality

Sex Counselor Training Osho Humaniversity (2 years)

Encounter Training Osho Humaniversity (2 years)


Meditation Guide

Osho Active Meditations

AUM  Meditation Veeresh, Osho Humaniversity

Social Meditations Osho Humaniversity

Zen (Rebirthing training)


Yoga teacher 

Power Yoga 

Ashtanga & Freestyle Vinyasa (1,5 years)

Iyengar Yoga (technique, alignment) (2 years)

Qigong instructor

Chi Neng Qigong, Level 1 certificate in 2017.

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