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The Transformation Process


In about 6 months I will guide you in your Transformation Process. We will start by defining your goals and the results you wish to achieve, the path towards achieving them and the length of the path. You can decide upon the tempo in which you will go through this process. The frequency of the sessions is about once every two or three weeks.

What will you receive?

* 8 x private (breathing) sessions

* 2 goal setting coaching sessions

* Video phone calls in between sessions

* My book: Adem en Extase - De Bevrijding!

* Theory of the 5 Skills to Happiness

* In detail guidance concerning your connected breathing patterns.

* Guidance with the 29 practical exercises from the book

* End Evaluation with personal tips and points of attention

Book: De Bevrijding

My book is guiding you through your Transformation Process. You will read the chapters and practice the exercises which we will discuss in the sessions. The book will surely guide you for many years to come.


Video phone calls

In between sessions you can make use of the possibility to make a video phone call with me of about 30 minutes. This can be very useful for extra coaching guidance, or maybe you will have some questions concerning the exercises you need to do at home or question about the book and the exercises therein.

Value Transformation Process: € 1985,--


It's all about You

Your Personal Transformation Process is leading. together we will define your goals and results you wish to achieve and the path towards them. What exactly do you wish to transform? What new skills do you want to develop? How is your Transformation Process going to look like? Who are you now? And who will you be after the Transformation Process? How does you life look like then?


What exactly is transformation? In rebirthing breathwork it is always my intention to lead the coachees towards integration. Integration is the transformation of disapproval, denial and repression (of feelings, situations, people etc.) into acceptance, gratefullnes and celebration!


So a transformation is a big inner change, that will also be visible and manifested in your outer world. No longer will you hold on to that grudge, you will forgive yourself and others, you will become the best version of yourself, defining new goals you want to achieve. It is time for a new you! The you you want to be!

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