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Content Weekly Group Lessons - Online and Real Life


The lesson is a combination of different methods: Breathwork, Meditation (active and Silence), Qigong, and Relaxation.


The root

The root of all problems is Thought. Much of our present-day restlessness and stress stems from negative thoughts (judging and disapproval). We think about 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. So we think way too much and most of those thoughts are contradictory. Meditation helps you to quiet the Mind, calm and clear as a mountain lake. You just go beyond Thought.

Don't do & don't think

Meditation is a state of not doing and not thinking. It is difficult to imagine that nowadays because in our society so much emphasis is placed on thinking and doing. Meditation is a state of being. But nowadays we are constantly doing something. Our last moments of doing nothing have now been taken up almost entirely by social media. This leads to an overload for our entire Body-Mind-Spirit system. Thinking nothing and doing nothing are extremely important to a human being. Then he becomes human again! Just being, being yourself... Without goal, without ambition. Present in the here and now!


We use different methods, such as Breathwork and Qigong, which are very calming in their own way. In addition, we use  silent meditations or Zen meditation, as well as Osho active meditations. These are especially for western people and their restless body and mind. After the (physically) active phase, he can more easily relax and sit still or be still.

Chi Neng Qigong

Qigong for joie de vivre and effortlessness!

Qi = Energy. Gong = practice.

Qigong therefore means energy exercises. They are very slow - and therefore with all your attention - graceful movements. Body and mind merging as one. Your life energy will flow again and you will enter a deep state of softening, relaxation, peace and stillness...

Energy follows attention, that is a Universal Law. So all your energy flows back to you. A great way to manage your energy.


We practice different forms of Qigong. 

I got certified Level 1, in 2017) in the Vhi neng Qigong from Patricia van Walstijn. In 2023 I am studying to become an intructor at the Tao Chi Academy in the Hague.

- Tao Chi Academy (master Ron Wiggers)

    Huxie, Tao Chi Gong, Jizhu Gong Yi Lu - Er Lu,

    Shaolin Li Gong, Shaolin Baduan Jin,

    Hui Chun Qigong, You Yong Long,

    Ba Zhan Zhuang

- Shaolin Temple Qigong (master Shi Heng Yi)

    Breathing exercises

    Baduan Yin (8 brocades)

    Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Qigong)

- Chi Neng Qigong (master Li Hong Shi)

    Warm up

    Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down

    3CM and (Wall) Squats


- Zen Silent Meditation


- Osho Active Meditations

- Osho Divine Healing

    Breath Openers

    Master Exercise

All shapes are unique, beautiful and powerful!

The exercises are aimed at becoming one with Nature, with the Universe. You will learn how to freely and easily exchange energy between you and Nature and between you and the Universe.


You learn to consciously absorb the primal energy that is present everywhere and pervades everything, and to let yourself dissolve again in the whole, in the Universe.

Virtues Yoga
Bhujangasana. Cobra pose. Yoga pose, Vinyasa Yoga.

Back to yourself

In Virtues Yoga you learn to breathe, feel, relax, come back to yourself.



We connect heart, body, mind and soul. Virtues Yoga does something extra.


Soul qualities

Virtues, which are your soul qualities, bring you into your power. This yoga teaches you to become aware of your soul qualities, your authenticity.

It makes you more aware, milder and more in service to your real Self and others.

The nice thing about virtues yoga: nothing is certain!... You will be surprised which qualities are buried deep within you, waiting to surface.

Vinyasa Core Flow
Hatha Core Yoga. Core Flow Yoga. Vasisthasana. Sort of Side Plank with variation.

Quiet Flow

In this challenging Vinyasa Core Flow class we create a slow calm flow where you have all the time to breathe well and all the space to pay attention to your technique. We take time in the asanas and stay in them a little longer. This broadens our awareness of body, mind and energy.

Ujjayi Breath and Meditation

We apply the Ujjayi breath as much as possible. Your breath is your main source of energy. Your breath leads, the movement follows. When your attention is on your breath, you automatically enter a state of meditation.


We pay extra attention to our Core. It is nice and important to be flexible, it is just as important to experience firmness, grounding and a center (Core) within yourself. You move from your Center and to your Center in this lesson! Often the Core exercises are integrated in the yoga poses, sometimes we also do specific abdominal exercises! Intense demands are made on your core strength and the deeper postural muscles.

Solid base

These are quite physically challenging classes. I am not very interested in doing difficult and complicated poses, but rather I help you to create a solid foundation in the practice of yogasana (= the yoga poses).

During your asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditations, you pay attention to what is happening inside you. The exercises lead to an improved flow of energy and vitality and stimulation of the organs. You become more flexible and more powerful in your body and mind. You become centered in yourself. Each class is concluded with a meditation and/or lying relaxation (savasana).


When is this lesson a good choice?

If you like yoga classes with good breathing. If you want to experience strength in your yoga class, if you want to challenge yourself and if you want to strengthen your Core. Suitable and interesting for beginners and advanced yogis.


What will you be doing?

Extra attention for your Core. We strengthen abdomen, back, and spine.  Breath and Meditation. No complicated poses. You will be challenged in Strength and Core. Chances are you will sweat!



Challenging. You are not expected to be able to do everything right away. After one or two months everything will be a lot lighter and easier. In this lesson you also learn to respect the limitations of your own body, and to create an extra moment of peace for yourself here and there when it feels that way.


To complete the lesson we sometimes also practice Qigong, Breathwork, Meditation and Osho Divine Healing.

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