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Osho Dynamic Meditation

phase 1 ~ Chaotic Breathing

As you are now, you are over-civilized. You're not real. When you are sad you smile, when you are angry you pretend to have understanding and compassion.. You are politically correct, you are a good citizen... You are not yourself anymore. By means of Chaotic Breathing you break through your fixed patterns, your survival strategies. Everything that has become stuck, that stands in the way of really being your Self, we set in motion again.

Osho Dynamic Meditation in Amsterdam. Chaotisch ademen.

phase 2  ~ Freak Out!

In this phase you consciously go crazy, you let yourself go completely. You scream, you sing, you laugh, you cry, you dance, you roll on the floor, just allowing whatever wants to come up in you en wants to be expressed. Explode! Give your body the freedom to express everything that is there. Without this release, we are completely unable to meditate in silence. Without this release, meditation could become a suppression. Free yourself from your own yoke, from your Ego, from all that is unreal.

Osho Dynamic Meditation in Amsterdam. Freak-out!

phase 3  ~ HOOH!

Put your hands in the air and jump! Or move your pelvis while making the "hooh" sound. This is a bio-energetic exercise that activates and recharges our base energy (1st and 2nd chakra). Let the sound penetrate deep into you.

Osho Dynamic Meditation in Amsterdam. Hoeh!!! jumpinh up and down, and makinf the sound of Hoeh!

phase 4  ~ Freeze... Silence....

STOP! Freeze on the spot, whatever position you are in. This phase is a standing meditation. Don't change your posture. When you cough or move, the energy drains away and you have exerted yourself for nothing. Witness everything that happens inside you.

Osho Dynamic Meditation in Amsterdam. Freeze! This is the Silent Stage.

phase 5  ~ Dance and Celebrate Your Life!

Celebrate! Express who you are and what is there at that moment while dancing. Celebrate life, celebrate yourself, you are worth it! Carry your joie de vivre with you all day long.

Osho Dynamic Meditation in Amsterdam. Celebrate!

phase 6  ~ Breath and Sound Bath

This phase does not originally belong to the Osho  Dynamic Meditation.  But through gentle connected breathing, accompanied by a sound bath, we support you to integrate the intense experience in a loving way.  Finally there is  a sharing round with a delicious cup of tea. 

Adem & Extase Enschede 22 juli 2013 159 (2).jpg

Osho Dynamic Meditation

The Ultimate Stress Release!

Nowadays we all suffer from stress on a regular basis. Sometimes that comes from work life, sometimes from private life; partners, children or otherwise. We cling too much to the past or we worry and fear for the future. Most of us are incapable of regulating or lowering our stress levels. The Osho Dynamic Meditation is the ultimate stress release method. You simply throw out all your unrest and frustration! When you have released that from your system, meditation comes naturally. Harmony, inner silence, tranquility, deep relaxation and contentment descend on you.

"Great cleaning for body and mind!"

Osho active meditation

Osho is a contemporary enlightened master who has merged various therapeutic techniques with active meditations. The premise of dynamic meditation (and other active meditations) is that man as he is today is neurotic, fragmented, repressed, adapted... He is so cultivated that he has forgotten who he is in his deepest being. This results in the most diverse complaints and symptoms. Sitting still in meditation is difficult for modern people, even impossible for many and often leads to more suppression of essential feelings and emotions. Osho developed all kinds of active meditations especially for us western people. The Dynamic Meditation is the most famous one, the most active and powerful in a way, and is practiced all over the world.

Peak experience

Our adjustment patterns, our survival strategies run so deep (from childhood) that we often don't even know we're adjusted anymore. Yet it gnaws somewhere inside. The suppressed part in you continues to fight in order to find a way to express itself. Life must express itself, life is expression. The Dynamic Meditation is a safe way to free yourself. For many it is a real peak experience! Something you will never forget. It is so intensive and transformative, after the meditation you feel reborn!


Teachers/meditation guides

Arno Nistal has been a disciple of Osho for 30 years and was trained in many therapeutic and meditation techniques of Osho, in the Osho Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee.

Ilanit de Wilde grew up as a child in Osho Communes.  

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