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ONLINE - The Breath Circle

A Healing Journey into the Breath


The current time with all its hectic and stress is more than ever a challenge to keep breathing properly and relaxed. When we lock our breath through stress or anxiety, we lock everything up; our thoughts, emotions and behavior. We then get a feeling of tightness and being stuck in life. That is why we offer you this workshop: The Breath Circle.



We start with Qigong exercises that help you open your breath. Then we will ground, which means that you bring the energy from your head back into your body. And grounding your feet, deep into the Earth.



Your breath works deeply into your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body. In this workshop we work with conscious connected breathing (= rebirthing). You free all your bodies from entrenched and limiting patterns. You free yourself from your Negative Energy, Emotions and Mental Mass (heavy thoughts). You breathe yourself free of everything you are not… You experience this literally and figuratively as an Enlightenment! And when the false layers disappear, it turns out that your true Self has never been gone. Then there is nothing left to do, just to be… In Silence, Peace and Connection with 'All that is…'



“We are happy to share our love, experience and qualities with you and look forward to meeting you.”

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