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Mystic Rose - from Laughter to Silence

A modern version of the Osho Mystic Rose, a workshop in which the participant playfully travels through his/her emotions, from laughing to crying, and back to laughing again. Integration of the experience – that is the transformation from resistance to gratitude and celebration – comes through gentle connected breathing (rebirthing) and the sounds of live singing bowls. A state of deep stillness and meditation is inevitable, and naturally descends upon you… A mystical experience of silence blossoms in you, like a Mystic Rose, sharing its fragrance unconditionally with existence…  



Through education, society and culture we are conditioned not to be ourselves… To behave as we should and as expected of us. To listen to others (parents, teachers, employers) instead of our own inner voice… We have learned to deny and suppress our own inner truth, feelings and emotions. The Mystic Rose helps you to break through those conditionings.



Laughing breaks the conditioning of your ego to be serious. Osho said seriousness is humanity's worst disease. It's time to laugh again for no reason, no reason at all. Laughter liberates the frozen life energy hidden beneath the seriousness, in Body and Mind. Joy of life, inner peace, it comes naturally!



Crying is even more suppressed than laughing. We (especially men) are told that crying is a sign of weakness… But tears purify your eyes, soften your heart and open your breath…


Inner Silence

After letting your emotions flow freely, Silence comes naturally and all by itself… We use soft connected breathing (rebirthing) and the sound of live singing bowls to deepen your inner silence…

"We are happy to share our love, experience and qualities with you and look forward to meeting you."

Lachen is gezond!
Huilen lucht op
Lachen geeft ruimte, geeft lucht.
Na lachen en huilen daalt de Stilte op je neer...
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