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Kundalini Rising

A new and modern version of the Osho Kundalini meditation mixed with the Osho Nadabrahma. With live singing bowls and gentle connected breathing (rebirthing).


Through all life experiences, through our upbringing and socialization, through painful moments in life, we begin to close ourselves off from the fullness of existence. We think it's better for us to hold back, not speaking our truth and holding back our life energy. We minimize our in-breath and out-breath, we minimize the expression of who we are… As a result we become inflexible, rigid, and we create a physical, mental and energetic armor, a protective layer….


This workshop helps you to open up again and to subtly melt these self-created defences, blockages and limitations… Your life energy flows through your physical and pranic body again, and you experience a deep release of tensions, maybe even emotions ...  



You shake your whole body loose, and as Osho says about this, “You melt the rock deep inside.” All trapped and frozen energy (Kundalini) begins to melt and flow. 'Shake yourself back into the Flow!'



The “Three Centers Merge” is a simple yet incredibly powerful Qigong exercise. All energy flows back to your Hara, back to your Core. Here you become deeply centered in yourself again!  



We continue the workshop with soft connected breathing (rebirthing) in both your Belly and your Heart. Soothing, calming, opening and healing for Body, Mind and Soul…


Humming & Live Singing Bowls

Humming is as old as pranayama. You 'buzz' to the sounds of Ilanit's live singing bowls. Tensions melt away and you heal your Body and Mind. All your cells are dancing and singing!


Giving and receiving

The next phase after humming is exchanging your life energy with Existence… It is also a wonderful Qigong practice.

"We are happy to share our love, experience and qualities with you and look forward to meeting you."

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Tai Chi Practice
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