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Healing Sound Journey

During a Healing Sound Journey we take you on an inner journey.


We strat the workshop with some soft flowing movements from the Qigong that will open your Heart and your Breath and fill your body with Oxygen and Prana; life energy. Your body then produces natural relaxation and happiness hormones: endorphins. You make dopamine and serotonin and you are ready to enjoy adn relax on your lovely mattress. You surrender with confidence and you receive the healing harmonics that vibrate through your body and soul... Your inner healing journey has begun...


The Healing Sound Journey has a purifying and healing effect and is a profoundly blissful experience.

We play on a beautiful collection of crystal and metal singing bowls, gongs, a harmonium, shruti box, Indian Navaho flutes and other healing instruments. Of course we also use our voice, Mantras and Affirmations...


We are looking forward to take you on this journey!

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Image by Saubhagya gandharv
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