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Chakra Journey - Breathe, Move and make a Sound

For Whom?

On your yoga path, sooner or later, you will start a journey from the gross physical body to the subtle pranic body! Do you want to experience more than just the material world and your physical body? It's possible! We will make an adventurous journey through our 7 most important chakras. You will clearly feel and connect with your energy body, your aura, your chakras…



The focus in 'The Chakra Journey' is on experiencing the direct connection  between breath and energy, the experiencing and localizing of your chakras, and the expansion of your consciousness. You'll be giving yourself a huge energy boost! This workshops is experiential, meaning there is no theory. Far more interesting than intellectual information from books, is your own personal experience of your chakras and energy body.


What will we be doing and experiencing?

The first part of this workshop is active and dynamic. It is the Osho No-Dimensions Meditation.The first stage comes from the contemporary master Gurdjieff: you will be breathing and moving into all directions, making certain handgestures, preparing yourself for the grand finale: Sufi Whirling! This whirling will get you totally centered in your Hara, in your Core. After the break we will continue with the more sensitive second part of the workshop: We will make soft harmonic sounds in our 7 chakra’s. Here we journey up and down three times…


The breath- and meditation techniques that we apply, will enhance and liberate the pranic flow (= life force) in your body. 

"We love sharing our love, experience and qualities with you and are looking forward to meeting you."

Chakra Journey in Amsterdam. Breath and Sound.

In the workshop  we breathe deeply, towards the chakras, we move the hands at the energy centers and we  sometimes touch the chakras  while we breathe deeply.

Svadisthana Chakra. Chakra Journey in Amsterdam.

Svadisthana Chakra is you

sacral chakra.

Stands for sexuality, creativity and life energy.

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