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Training for Breath and Pranayama Coach

Start training: January 2023.


We are currently very creatively preparing the training for Breath and Sound Coach, based on the New Pranayama (Rebirthing), the Chakra system, the Character structures of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen and of course the Pranayamas of the Yoga path.

Below is an overview of what is more or less available now. That will certainly change, in terms of form and content, in terms of number of modules and the length of the modules. Because the Sound and the Chakra system are not yet processed in it. In addition, there is another year in which you specialize as a therapist.


Year 1: Practitioner (own process)

Year 2: Coach (learning to coach)

Year 3: Therapist (depth in the guidance)

More information will follow.


Chantal Zwetsloot

Psycho Social guidance Act, Relationship Therapy, Bodyworker, De-armouring

Collaboration in the Training to

Breath and Body Worker

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Voice Liberation, Sound baths, Liberation of your Singing Voice, Mantra and Guitar

Collaboration in workshop 'Breath and Sound' and the Training to Breath and Body Worker

Year 1 ~ The Rebirth

6 modules of 2 days

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Module 1

Patanjali: Breath and Pranayama

Theory: Purpose, Definition, Place and Importance Pranayama on the 8-fold Yoga Path of Patanjali.

Practice: Three-dimensional breathing, diaphragm breathing, abdominal breathing, intercostal breathing, chest breathing. Conscious Connected Breathing, Full Yogic Breath, Breathwaves.

Module 2

Breath Opening Exercises (physical)

Theory: Anatomy of the Respiration.

Practice: Asanas and Physical Exercises for Opening the Breath. Spinal Core.  Consciously Connected Breathing.

Kriyas : Nauli Kriya.

Module 3

The New Pranayama & 5 skills of Happiness

Theory: Physiology of Respiration. The Lineage: Mahavatar Babaji and Kriya Yoga. Five keys (skills) to Happiness. Consciously Connected Breathing = The New Pranayama = Rebirthing = Circular Breathing. Origin and blessing. Five Dominant Consciousness Factors, Breath Catharsis, Energy Catharsis. Subventilation, Hyperventilation.

Practice: Conscious Connected Breathing, Chi Neng Qigong.

Kriyas: Nauli Kriya.

Module 4

The Detox - The Kriyas

Theory: Traditional vs. modern Kriyas. The 6 Shatkarmas.

Traditional: The 6 shatkarmas: Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Nauli Kriya, Trataka, Kapalabhati.  Oil Pulling.

Modern: Osho Dynamic Meditation.

Practice: Osho Dynamic Meditation, Moola Bhanda the Masterkey! (Level 1: Pelvic Awareness, Ashwini Mudra & Vajroli Mudra). Za-Zen, Into Oneness.

Kriyas: Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Trataka.

Module 5

The ice bath!

Theory: Anatomy & Physiology of the Spine (Central Core) and the Central Nervous System. Wim Hof Method.

Practice: Moola Bhanda the Masterkey! Level 2: for men, for women. Brahmari Pranayama.

Uddiyana Bandha & Ujjayi Adem. Slow Flow Vinyasa Yogasana. Osho Divine Healing: Breath Openers. Chi Neng Qigong. Osho Gourishankar Meditation. Consciously Connected Breathing. Wim Hof Method: Prana, Yogi Powers & The Ice Bath!

Module 6

I am Love, You are Love, We are Love

Exam: Anatomy/Physiology, Conscious Connected Breathing.

Practice: The Power of Gratitude and Intentions. Love Breath Meditation, I am Love Meditation, Body Love and Inner Smile Tool, Conscious Connected Breathing, Soft Encounter, Ishwara Pranidhana, Prayer with the Sacred Lakota Pipe.

Year 2  ~ Kundalini Rising

6 modules of 2 days

Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, sitting, making Alter
Yoga. Portrait of yogi men doing yoga exercise on black mat, he breath and performing Upwa
Module 1

Play with Prana 1 - The Chakras

Growth, Storage, Transport of Prana

Theory: Anatomy and Physiology of the Bandhas and Kumbhaka. chakras,

Bija Mantras.

Practice: Chakra Breathing Meditation, Chakra Sounds Meditation, Chi Neng Qigong for the Spinal Core. Slow Flow Vinyasa, Consciously Connected Breathing. Pranayamas: Ujjayi Adem, Samavritti.

Mudras: Ashwini Mudra, Vajroli Mudra, Maha Mudra, Hasta Mudras.

Module 2

Play with Prana 2 - The Vayu's

Growth, Storage, Transport of Prana

Theory: The Vayu's. Growth storage and transport of Prana.

Practice: Vayu Yoga = Vijnana Yogasana. Yin Yogasana. Chakra Breathing.  Chi Neng Qigong. Consciously Connected Breathing,

Osho No Dimensions Meditation.

Kriyas: Kapalabhati.

Pranayamas: Bhastrika, Ujjayi.

Module 3

Kundalini Rising 1 - Kumbhaka

Nadi Shuddhi

Theory: Counting and Ratios in the Pranayamas. Shushumna, Ida, Pingala. Kumbhaka, the central method of traditional pranayama.

Practice: Shiva: The Ascension of the Life Energy. Internal and external Kumbhaka.

Kriyas: Kapalabhati.

Pranayamas: Viloma Pranayama, Ujjayi to 1 breath cycle per minute, Counting and ratios, Bhastrika, Nadi Shuddhi.

Module 4

Kundalini Rising 2 - Kumbhaka

Nadi Shodana

Theory: Pathology of Respiration.

Practice: Vinyasa Asana Practice. Grounding!

Kriyas: Nauli Kriya, Kapalabhati.

Pranayamas: Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodana with internal kumbhaka, Bija Sounds and Visualization (Lunar cycle & Sun cycle).

The Pranayama Journey Intensive.

Module 5

Kundalini Rising 3 - Kumbhaka

Nadi Shodana

Exams: Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of Respiration.

Pranayamas: Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodana with Antar (internal) and Bahya (external) kumbhaka, Bija Sounds and Visualization (Lunar cycle & Sun cycle). Sitali Pranayama, Anuloma Pranayama, Pratiloma Pranayama, Surya Bedhana, Chandra Bedhana.

Module 6

Gratefulness & Celebration!

Breathe in 'Gratefulness and Celebration'.

Part of Program in consultation, according to students' needs.

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